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The Hunger

This body is empty of food. Food is a thing that you take inside so that the body keeps moving and talking and going and eating and shitting and loving and naming. Food was a thing inside animals and plants and to make it into food you had to make the inside the outside and then take the outside and make it the inside of a new body. Then food was in the body but the body was not food—but now food is not inside animals and plants but only inside name-things. But take the food outside of name-things and they are no longer name-things but body-things—maybe the food inside the name-things is the name. Maybe names are the thing behind the eyes and under the hair and above the teeth and are the only thing that this body can take inside itself. Maybe this body is an eater of names, is hungry for names, is opening up other bodies in order to find names, to take names, to take into itself a name, to take a name that is not its name, that is not a name.

But this body has eaten many names—names now no longer in memory because they no longer belong to name-things—and yet this body has no name, had no name. Had no name? Has no name.


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